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The current exchange rate is about Php 43 / $1 USD. There have also been some increases in costs of living since I first moved to the Philippines. But, if you are conservative, you can still live on $1000 USD, perhaps a bit less, in Cebu Province.


I have listed budget, countless times, on my online Living in Cebu Forum, as well as on this site. In fact, "Cost of Living" is probably one of the most beaten to death topics on most any Philippines related forums. I have to admit, for us seasoned guys, it can become a bit irritating, having to deal with it so often. But, for you new folks, it is a learning curve. So, we need to be here to answer those questions which are important to you, and that can - and will affect your lives, once you move to the Philippines.


Typically, I would say that most retirees live in Cebu, and elsewhere in the Philippines, on anything from $1,500 to $2,000 USD per month. I wouldn't necessarily say this for Manila. And, to be honest, Cebu City isn't getting any cheaper these days. So, my personal advice is, move further into the provincial areas of the specific province you wish to relocate to, during your retirement years.


The above especially applies if residing in Cebu Province. You see, nowadays, it is a bit easier, and doesn't take nearly as long to travel from the province, back to the city. Or, at least close enough to the city, where you can do some mall shopping. The SRP comes to mind here.


When setting up your budget for various costs concerning living in the Philippines, please keep in mind that, while some people enjoy the conveniences of living in the City, there are benefits of living in provincial areas. A couple of these benefits are:-


1. Cheaper housing - rental prices are considerably cheaper in the provincial areas, than in larger cities.


2. Cheaper utilities - CEBECO, the power provider in rural Cebu Province, is subsidized. Internet access, typically, is cheaper. Cable providers, typically, are cheaper.


In fact, my best advice to you would be, fly over and visit the Philippines, to see if it is for you.


Once you have made that decision, decide where you wish to live. By all means, please check out provincial areas, as well as cities.

I am not here to blow smoke up your (collective) asses. I am here to advise you to not move somewhere half way around the world, until you know for certain it is right for you, and within the budget you have set.







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