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Some time ago, I was enlisted to try to find a young woman for a guy who wanted to communicate with her. He had apparently found her local address on a web site and desired to contact her. After sending her snail mails letter, but not receiving responses, he contacted me. He asked if I could possibly locate her and give him a letter, some photos and his email address. So, I went on a trip to locate her for him.


On this trip, I took some photos, while traveling along the Tran-central Highway, Cebu Province. Incidentally, it took about 1.5 hours to drive from Cebu to Toledo. Of course, I drive more like Richard Petty than an old school bus driver. By the way, the Trans-central Hi-way dead ends in Balamban, Cebu.


Note: Click on each image for a larger view.


Some of the views from the Trans-central Highway are breath taking. Unfortunately, I missed a number of excellent shots due to not being able to slow down quickly enough to take them. You will see many more beautiful scenes than the ones we have here, once you take your first trip on the highway.







Views of a market on the side of the Trans-central highway. You will see several similar looking markets on the side of the road, as you drive from Cebu City to Balamban, Cebu. These are set up by the farmers who grow the various products they sell. You will get the absolute best prices on fruits and vegetables here, all being much cheaper than what you will find in the city, even at Carbon Market, probably the cheapest place to find market items in Cebu City.






These are some views of the Trans-central Highway while it's raining. as you can see, it can get quite foggy on this road, so do be careful if driving it yourself.



Oh, you are still wondering about the girl aren't you? Yes, we did find her for him. She lives in Cebu City and they have begun communications.






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